Roasting Marshmellows with dad.

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is my first rime to blog so bear with me. I want to be able to share with you all how he is growing and how we are doing here.Clay is getting really grown up lately. He just had his Birthday September 1st . Being from a tall mom and dad he needs a rock put on his head. He tells me though he won't ever grow up that he'll stay little. Fall is upon us and the weather is really cooling off nicely here. Clay really has a love for music and sings and plays his guitar all the time. At church he sings louder than the adults singing sometimes. He loves helping dad with anything and loves to fix things. That's all for now. Talk to you soon

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Jana said...

Hey the link worked did you have to just do another one? Well you did good, anyway. We have actually had really nice weather this week too! It reminds me of colorado weather. Take Care and keep it up I love the pictures